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May 29 02:00 PM - May 29 04:30 PM

Ameren has announced public meetings to explain clean up options for decades of dumping toxic ash into groundwater at their 4 St. Louis area coal-fired power plants. Coal ash is what is left after the burning of coal and is laced with dangerous arsenic, lead, mercury, etc. These compounds are water soluble and all of these sites are along rivers and streams sitting in the groundwater table that communicates with aquifers we use for drinking water, etc. The waters already polluted, per Ameren’s data.

These meetings are not only to hear from Ameren but, to tell Ameren our concerns and what we want them to do! This is our time to stand up and ensure our communities and children are safe into the future. Clean closure is the only effective method to ensure the pollution ends once and for all. They will claim it is expensive and a timely process – but, every ton of the waste removed and recycled or landfilled properly is less sitting in our water. They will operate these plants for at least another decade or more – our message should be that they get busy cleaning it up! Commit to attend – and bring the whole family.

You have been invited because you live in Franklin County, have worked on coal ash advocacy, and/or have family and connections to the St. Louis area and could either attend or spread the word to others who can attend. We need to fill the room and demand clean closure. Please do your part to attend and bring others with you.

The Labadie Energy Center is the largest power plant in our state and arguably region. It is an unscrubbed, air and water polluting behemoth that produces about a half million pounds of toxic coal waste per year that has been dumped in our regions’ water supply. This meeting is very important!